Simone Millotti has started his career as a photographer and Videographer in 2002.
His photography relates to a choice of different domains but the area where he excels and where he expresses himself for the best is wedding photography.
He is trying to create a mixture of styles from the classical one where he creates the standard wedding photos to the journalistic one where he creates a picture story without the couple’s knowledge and mostly in natural pose.
The wedding video service follows the bridal couple throughout the day, capturing one-of-a-kind situations and natural expressions.
It starts with images of the bride getting ready for the wedding in the room at the villa, capturing all the special emotions and the atmosphere of the moment.
It then films the groom as he waits for his bride where the wedding will take place, followed by the bride’s arrival, the ceremony, and the couple leaving the ceremony and being congratulated by friends and family.
The bride and groom will also be filmed talking a romantic stroll around the city’s most beautiful locations. They are then filmed as they arrive at the villa, with shots of the reception, speeches, the cutting of the cake and their first dance.
Everything is done in the most natural manner, without any posing. The video cameraman is a discreet witness to the event who is always on hand to capture the highlights of the best day of your life. Postproduction wedding service The service then continues at the studio, where the video is edited digitally, adding special effects and the music chosen by the bridal couple.
The outcome is a unique video that is customized for each wedding. You will receive three DVD copies of the edited video in a customized case as well as a DVD silk-screened with your photograph. By choosing the music, titles and quotations, you will be the ones who make your video personal and unique. The most beautiful video … for the most beautiful day of your lives!